An automated document management software, such as Document Management Software and/or Document Control Software, plays an essential role in addressing the documentation areas below in alignment with the documented information requirements of ISO standards.


ISO compliance refers to adherence to specific standards relevant to diverse industries or business aspects. For example, ISO 9001 is a standard for quality management systems, ISO 14001 is for environmental management systems, and ISO 50001 is for energy management systems, among many others. Documented information plays a fundamental role in showcasing compliance with these standards, whether they are explicitly outlined or indirectly inferred within the standards.

Attaining and maintaining ISO compliance demands meticulous handling of documents, a daunting task without appropriate tools and systems. Manual document processes are prone to errors, version control issues, and inefficiencies, posing risks of nonconformities during internal and external audits. These issues can adversely affect certification status, legal compliance, reputation, operational efficiency, and market competitiveness. Therefore, an automated document management system, such as Document Management Software and/or Document Control Software, plays an essential role in addressing the documentation areas below in alignment with the documented information requirements of ISO standards. 

Document Lifecycle Management

Document lifecycle management entails systematic handling of documents from creation through revisions to archiving and destruction based on retention policies. Implementing ISO standards and maintaining conformance requires organized document management throughout its lifecycle.

Manual handling increases error risks during document creation and modification, which may jeopardize compliance. In contrast, documentation management software streamlines processes by reducing human error, ensuring consistent formatting and organization of documents throughout all the stages. Maintaining only the latest version minimizes errors and aligns with ISO requirements for up-to-date information, while document control software provides a clear audit trail for ISO compliance audits.

Accessibility and Availability

Accessibility and availability are paramount for ISO compliance. Accessibility involves not only having the documents stored in an accessible location but also ensuring that they are comprehensible and usable. This becomes particularly challenging during audits, where immediate access to accurate information is crucial.


Manual handling may result in delays in accessing necessary documents during critical situations, and it can also lead to difficulties in ensuring the clarity and usability of documents stored in various locations or formats. On the other hand, documentation management software promotes collaboration, allowing users to access documents regardless of location. Implementing automatic notifications in alignment with standard requirements ensures timely dissemination of information, fostering transparency, and promoting accountability throughout the organization.

Version Control and Approval

Effective version control and approval processes are vital for managing revisions and ensuring the authorized document usage. Maintaining documentation becomes critical during mangement reviews and audits, necessitating effective reviews and modifications.


Manual handling increases the risk of using outdated or unauthorized versions, leading to nonconformities and stakeholder confusion. Document control software, on the other hand, enforces formal review and approval processes, along with change request mechanisms that allow users to propose modifications.


IntellaQuest offers DOCUQUEST, a fully automated document management system for ISO compliance, capable of integrating multiple standards. The solution not only meets the requirements for documented information but also ensures the efficient management of ISO processes. Book a demo today to discover how DOCUQUEST can address your organization’s documentation challenges. 

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