There’s no way to prevent change from taking place. All you can do is prepare your organization with the tools to manage change effectively. Having the right quality management software can greatly streamline change management, allowing you to easily navigate complexities. Here are the steps required for effective change management process and how the right QMS software helps during each one.

Steps for Successful Management of Change and QMS Software to Implement Them

1. Identifying the Need for Change

The first step to successful change management process is identifying where change is truly needed. Changing market conditions, new technologies, regulatory changes, and internal process inefficiencies are all potential triggers for change – and it’s best to identify these as early as possible.

IntellaQuest’s Change Management Software called MOCQuest positions your team to correctly identify opportunities to change by tracking various performance metrics. You can receive the appropriate alerts when your operations deviate, letting you initiate a response as soon as possible.

2. Planning and Preparing for Change

Once you’ve identified the need for change, you must develop an effective plan. To do so, you’ll need to set clear objectives, define the scope of any changes, assign responsibilities, and prepare timelines. A well-structured plan makes every aspect of change management easier.

With MOCQuest, your team has the tools to tackle task management and scheduling. Define specific tasks and milestones and ensure that individual points of your plan are actionable and monitored to avoid delays and oversights.

3. Ensuring Compliance and Documentation

Organizations can face a wide range of regulations and standards. Maintaining compliance can be a formidable challenge during change. Properly planning for ongoing compliance and integrating that within the change process is key to avoiding penalties and other negative outcomes.

You can streamline compliance with MOCQuest by automating document control and ensuring that your change documentation meets all relevant standards. Automate your approval workflows to maintain a clear audit trail while saving time and resources.

4. Implementing the Change

With planning done and the proper considerations toward compliance, you’re now ready to implement the change. Doing so entails effective communication, training, resource allocation, and executing scheduled tasks. There are many potential pitfalls during this process, and the right management of change software can help avoid them.

MOCQuest streamlines implementation with a comprehensive suite of tools for communication and notifications, allowing you to customize communication to suit your team’s unique needs. Real-time dashboards make tracking progress against your goals easy while allowing for on-the-fly adjustments as needed.

5. Monitoring and Evaluating the Impact of Change

Once the change has been implemented, you’re still far from finished with the overall process. You’ll also need to monitor the impact of the change continuously. This lets you assess whether the change has truly had the intended impact and identify areas for improvement.

Our MOCQuest, puts powerful analytics and reporting at your disposal. We further streamline the process with data integrations, including Power BI, to deliver insights that can guide your decision-making.

6. Finalizing and Institutionalizing Change

Now that the change has been implemented and thoroughly reviewed, it’s time to obtain the required approvals and close out the project. Documentation and communication are key during this final stage.

With MOCQuest, you can have an automated approval process which can be very efficient for the workflow and can reduce manual intervention. Also, with MOCQuest you can set up multi-level approvals easily, and ensure all changes are authorized and documented. Avoiding oversights lets you ensure compliance and maintain integrity throughout change management.

Harnessing QMS Software for Streamlined Management of Change

Putting these steps into action provides an effective change management process. Relying on MOCQuest as your software streamlines that process to save your team time and resources while maintaining compliance. To find out more about MOCQuest and IntellaQuest’s full QMS suite, book a demo with our team today.

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