Risk Identification, Quantification and Mitigation Management System

RiskQuest automates the management of Risk, from the corporate level, to the plant floor. RiskQuest allows you to identify the risks, quantify and prioritize those risks and develop and execute strategies and actions to mitigate the risks, thereby reducing the overall risk to the company.

Challenges Addressed


Single Risk Management System

Single system for complete management of the entire Risk Portfolio

Risk Dashboard

View your entire Risk Portfolio Level or drill down to show all the Risk details to make sure nothing is missed

Reduced Management & Execution Effort

Seamless management of all risk from start to finish: Identification, Quantification, Prioritization, Mitigation, Closure

Fully Flexible Configuration

Define the Risks and the process exactly the way you need

Clear Progress Tracking & Status

View detailed progress charts to track and take corrective actions fast.

Easy Document Management

All key documents related to Risk in one place. Integration with DocuQuest for controlled document management.

Closure Approval

Ensure proper Closure Approval with the ability to set and request the appropriate approval at all levels of the company as required

Integration to key IntellaQuest Applications

Identify the Risk and then manage it with the appropriate IntellaQuest Application: PRRQuest, CIPQuest, MOCQuest, KnowledgeQuest, and more

Scheduling & Execution to Deadlines

Key date markers provide visual management of status in relation to milestones.

Task Assignment & Tracking

Define, review and edit the Risk Team and quickly assign multiple tasks to responsible personnel with auto alerts


Anyone in the company can identify and raise risks for review

Automatic Email Notifications

Configurable email notifications such as announcements and messages to all or selected team members, etc.

Full Approval Management

Powerful, configurable approval protocols for any stage or task

Future Proofing

Drive the changes necessary across your processes to ensure same risks don’t recur once mitigated

Discussion Board at each step

Discussion boards for easy communication at any level of the management of risk

History & Traceability

Full traceability of all changes made

Security Settings

Set security levels as needed



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