Records Control Management System

RecordQuest captures and manages any record associated with the ongoing, day-to-day work in the company.

Challenges Addressed


Complete Record Lifecycle Managment

Completely manage all your records from creation through revisions to archiving and destruction

Paperless System

Fully replace the need to store hard copies or records on a network share

Auto Trigger Recurring Records

Any recurring records (hourly, daily, monthly, quarterly, yearly) are automatically triggered

Security of Records

Control who creates records and who can see records with restricted readership

Easy Retention Policy Compliance

Ensure legal, financial and regulatory compliance through record retention settings and a complete traceable history

Email Notification

Email notifications and Reminder mails sent to all concerned users for any record

Accessible Anywhere

Get the right information to where it is needed and when it is needed on any device

Approval Management

Full flexibility of approval flows with history logs. Set up simple or complex review and approval protocols

History & Traceability

Full traceability of changes made on all records

Related Records

Attach any number of files such as documents, pictures, engineering drawings, spreadsheets, etc. to the same record

Running Time Clock

Utilize running time clock to track performance of workflow and eliminate bottlenecks

Powerful Search

Powerful search capability to search for the right record or set of records

Record Set

Create a “Record Set” by grouping records together, similar to a binder.

Scanning & Uploading

Upload & digitize records created offline such as operating procedure, checklists, quality checks, manual audits, etc.

Zip Distribution

Download multiple records as a single ZIP package for easy offline distribution if needed

Powerful Reporting & Data Analytics with Power BI Integration

Full enterprise level reporting with drill down capability – Identify and resolve problem areas fast



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