Packaging & Containers

The Packaging & Containers industry comprises of players involved in the manufacturing of packaging solutions required to transport, protect and preserve products throughout their journey from source to end-use. The industry has consistently grown over the last several decades because of growing buyer demands and consumer market. Traditionally, Companies have always focused on metal, glass, plastic and paper as their primary raw material for their operations. This is beginning to change after COVID-19 with the global move toward a circular economy. More attention is being given to the sourcing of recycled, certified and renewable raw materials, as well as reusable packaging. While this has introduced new industry challenges, it has also thrown open new opportunities with the focus shifting to re-usable packaging materials. This requires collaboration across the value chain, customization, innovation and constant product development to deliver sustainable solutions.

The industry is a critical component of the entire global supply chain with virtually every sector dependent on it. Some of the key trends that will affect the packaging industry in the future are:

Considering these industry dynamics, it is imperative and essential for the Packaging & Containers industry to closely monitor the quality of raw materials and the manufacturing processes using a Quality Management System that adheres to the standards and requirements set by ISO. IntellaQuest offer an automated Quality Management System solution with the features:

1.) Enable process audits and continuous improvement, seeking optimization in the areas of source reduction, recycling, and conservation to become more sustainable each year and whether regulation and  policies are being complied with correctly.

2.) Regular inspection of the raw materials and final products against various measurement criteria

3.) Supplier score-carding and benchmarking and ensuring that the supplier meets all the quality standards needed to minimise the risk of defects in the quality of the final product

4.) Ensuring employees undergo a continuous training programme to tackle the new industry stipulated technical requirements

IntellaQuest’s multiple applications such as AuditQuest, SupplierQuest, EHSQuest, PeopleQuest, etc. can provide a comprehensive Quality Management solution for the Packaging & Containers industry to drive manufacturing quality, new product development and innovation.

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