Gage Calibration Control System

GageQuest automates all of your equipment calibration and control requirements.

Challenges Addressed

GageQuest Solves the Challenges of Equipment Calibration Management with…

Single Calibration System

One system for all equipment and calibration information

Flexible Configuration

Set up a configurable schedule and notification of all equipment

Easy to Read Dashboard

See a clear colour-coded visual of all equipment and instruments status, due date or overdue for calibration

Calibration Task Assignment

Assign calibration actions to specific personnel

Simple User Interface

Simplified equipment management and calibration performed by service providers

Collaboration Portal

Provide secured access via the Collaboration Portal to external Collaboration service providers allowing them to enter the callibration data directly into your GageQuest

Automatic Email Notifications

Email notifications and Reminder mails sent to all concerned users regarding Callibration tasks

Powerful Search

Powerful search and reporting of equipment and calibration data, equipment reports and history

Easy Equipment Setup

User-friendly setup of equipment and System Controls

Batch Updates

Batch record updates for fast service status changes and Check In / Check Out for equipment

Equipment Groups

Equipment groups for sorting and reporting on similar equipment

Track Equipment Location

Check In / Check Out for equipment tracking and monitoring of assets

Complete Data Management

Record data online for historical recording, analyze trends and perform auto calculations of deviations & Schedule for archiving and obsoletion of records

Security Setting

Set security levels as needed

History & Traceability

Full traceability of changes made on each equipment

Powerful Reporting & Data Analytics with Power BI Integration

IntellaQuest Power BI Integration provides any report you want, the way you want it.

DocuQuest Integration

Link controlled procedures from DocuQuest to the Callibration record of specific equipment

GageQuest Integrated Across IntellaQuest Applications


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