Design FMEA, Process FMEA & Control Plan Management

FMEAQuest helps you completely manage all of your Design FMEAs, Process FMEAs and Control Plans and a provides automatic linkages across the entire process. When you make a change in one area, it automatically drives the required changes across the entire process. As you build an FMEA, the Control Plan is automatically created.

Challenges Addressed


Single FMEA System

Single system to manage Design & Process FMEAs and Control Plans

Control Plan Auto Generated

The control plan is generated as the FMEA is created

Security Settings

Ensures only authorized people are making Design & Process changes

Automated Changes

When a Design or Process Change affects hundreds of part numbers, FMEAQuest automatically manages the change across all of them

FMEA & Control plan Linkage

When a design or process step is added, moved or deleted, FMEAQuest propagates the change across the FMEA and Control Plans automatically

Product Line Management

When handling a failure mode, FMEAQuest has the unique benchmark capability to apply FMEA controls across product lines

Product Families

FMEAQuest elegantly handles defined product family relationships

Full Process Linkage

Automated linkage from process step/operation all the way to failure modes, causes, detection and control methods

Fool Proof Control

Prevents Control Plan changes that are inconsistent with higher level FMEA/PFC documents

One Package

Process Design Package (PDP) embodies one version number for all PRFC/PFMEA/CP documents

PRRQuest Integration

System updates in PRRQuest Application, provides an integrated solution for automated linkage to the FMEA & Control plan when corrective actions are taken

New Cause Managed

When a new cause is discovered, the FMEA can be easily updated and the Control Plan is automatically updated

Existing Control Failure Managed

An existing control failed to detect cause/failure mode, necessitating an update to the detection rankings

Corrective Action Managed

In executing corrective action, a new detection control/control method is adopted, triggering an update to the FMEA/Control Plan

Export to Excel

Export complete Control Plan to Excel

Reduced Management & Execution Effort

 Significantly reduce the effort to manage the FMEA & Control Plan process, with full automation

Full Approval Management

Powerful, configurable approval protocols

Automatic Email Notifications

Configurable email notifications such as announcements and messages to all or selected team members, etc.

History & Traceability

Full traceability of all changes made

Full traceability of all changes made

IntellaQuest Power BI Integration provides any report you want, the way you want it.



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