The oil and gas industry covers an extensive range of design, development, installation, and service activities. These areas all require effective quality management software to ensure operational efficiency. With the right QMS software, oil and gas companies can meet the requirements of the ISO/TS 29001 standard, which takes the principles of ISO 9001 and refines them for industry-specific challenges.

Don’t Overlook These Key Requirements for Quality Management Software in Oil and Gas

Robust Customization for ISO/TS 29001 Compliance

Meeting specific industry requirements requires ISO 9001 QMS software that is versatile and customizable. In addition to the unique aspects of ISO/TS 29001, many factors vary between individual companies and facilities.

IntellaQuest provides QMS software that offers a customizable approach to quality management. Oil and gas companies can optimize their QMS processes and leverage automation to meet their unique challenges.

Complete Document Lifecycle Management

The oil and gas industry faces significant regulatory compliance requirements across all aspects of EHS. These requirements span project lifecycles from planning to decommissioning, so maintaining complete and accurate documentation is essential.

IntellaQuest’s DocuQuest document control software lets organizations do just that. All documentation is stored with automated version control and complete history and traceability. Documents are accessible anywhere, from any device, facilitating practical operations both on and off-site while maintaining security. DocuQuest also integrates seamlessly with our PeopleQuest software for streamlined training management.

A Unified System for All Audits

Audits are integral to any oil and gas operation, with both internal and external audits being routine. The diversity of these audits can pose challenges and consume resources, as planning and preparation take up more time and resources.

IntellaQuests’s AuditQuest audit management software improves audit efficiency through standardization and workflow management. Audits are managed through a single system, with flexible configurations to tackle any type of audit.

Transparency in Risk Management

Oil and gas operations face a range of EHS risks that pose potential safety, compliance, and legal ramifications. With so many parties involved, it is vital to maintain transparency in risk management so that parties are always aware of potential risks.

With IntellaQuest’s RiskQuest risk management software, oil and gas companies can manage their entire risk portfolio in one system. The robust risk dashboard provides access to all risk levels, with the capability to drill down and scrutinize all details for any specific risk.

Collaboration With Internal and External Parties

The number of internal and external stakeholders in any oil and gas project can quickly grow to challenging levels. This scale makes maintaining effective collaboration complex, potentially threatening the integrity of quality management programs.

Oil and gas companies can streamline collaboration with IntellaQuest’s Collaboration Portal. The portal makes it easy to provide secure external stakeholder access with streamlined document sharing, including for customers and suppliers. Access to the same information keeps everyone on the same page, enhancing alignment and execution. Shared tasks within the portal streamline collaboration on audit findings, corrective actions, and more.

Choosing the Right Oil and Gas QMS Software

IntellaQuest’s comprehensive, cloud-based Quality Management System solution enables oil and gas companies to tackle these areas and more. Your team can streamline how you maintain ISO/TS 29001 compliance, reducing the resources you commit to quality management. Learn more about how our software supports the oil and gas industry by scheduling a demo with IntellaQuest today.

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