Continual Improvement Program Management System

CIPQuest is a system to establish and execute a Continual Improvement Program, enterprise-wide or focused in any area that you choose.

Challenges Addressed


CI Project Portfolio Management

View your entire CI Program Portfolio Level or drill down to show all the project details to make sure nothing is missed

Reduced Management & Execution Effort

 Significantly reduce the effort and cost related to CI project process management and execution

Clear Progress Tracking & Status

View detailed progress charts to track and take corrective actions fast.

Scheduling & Execution to Deadlines

Key date markers provide visual management of status in relation to milestones.

Closure Approval

Ensure proper Closure Approval with the ability to set and request the appropriate approval at all levels of the company as required

Task Assignment and Tracking

Define, review and edit the project team and quickly assign multiple tasks to responsible personnel with auto alerts


Anyone in the company can provide CI Project Ideas to leverage the entire organization

Export to Excel

Export complete project plans and take them offline

Full Configuration

Define CI Project categories and develop specific templates for easy setup or recurring types of plans

Powerful Reporting & Data Analytics with Power BI Integration

IntellaQuest Power BI Integration provides any report you want, the way you want it.

Automatic Email Notifications

Configurable email notifications such as announcements and messages to all or selected team members, etc.

Full Approval Management

Powerful, configurable approval protocols for any stage or task

Discussion Board at each step

Discussion boards for easy communication at any level of the project, process or task

Security Setting

Set security levels as needed

History & Traceability

Full traceability of all changes made

Collaboration Portal

Provide secured access via the Collaboration Portal to external parties allowing for truly collaborative work by external parties on any CI Projects



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