Success factors for companies in the automotive industry are closely linked to product consistency, process efficiency, quality, reliability, and performance. Meeting specific industry standards that align with automotive quality management systems is imperative.

IntellaQuest helps the automotive industry with intelligent data analysis, efficient supply chain management, increase quality and safety of production parts, etc. IntellaQuest’s integrated QMS and EHS Management System can help automate these business process workflows. Here are some of the key features:

Companies in the automotive industry are looking at vehicle electrification, connectivity, and big data analytics and at the same time, demand for producing green products with reduced environmental footprints has been on the rise to improve EHS performance.

IntellaQuest’s solutions such as PPAPQuest, SupplierQuest, EHSQuest, RiskQuest, etc. can provide a solution for automotive companies to strive for quality and safety.

Latest Automotive Articles

Navigating the Expanded Horizons of IATF 16949 Certification: Inclusion of Service & Replacement Parts

Delve into the latest developments in automotive quality management with our expert analysis of the IATF's newly released Sanctioned Interpretations SI 7 and SI 21, which now extend IATF 16949 certification to include service/replacement parts manufacturers. This article unpacks the vital changes and their implications for the industry, providing actionable insights for businesses adapting to the new rules for the automotive QMS standard. Explore how IntellaQuest's tailored automotive QMS solutions can facilitate your certification journey in this evolving quality landscape.

AIAG’s Upcoming 3rd Edition APQP Manual and Stand-Alone Control Plan: A New Chapter in Automotive Quality Management

AIAG is set to release the 3rd edition of its pivotal APQP manual along with a stand-alone Control Plan. What does this mean for automotive quality management? Our latest blog delves into the nuances of these upcoming editions, their implications on the automotive industry, and why this is a milestone you can't afford to miss. From integrating agile methodologies to focusing on 'Safe Launch' plans, get a comprehensive look at what's changing and what remains the same in the quality management landscape.

Bridging Tradition & Tech: The Evolution of TPM in Modern Automotive Excellence

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the automotive industry, the significance of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) cannot be understated. Rooted in Japan's post-WWII industrial resurgence, TPM focuses on maximizing equipment efficiency and reliability. But how do modern automotive firms integrate these profound practices with today's technology?
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