Audit Management System​

AuditQuest is a powerful and complete Audit System that makes any internal or external audit simple from start to finish including: planning and executing the audit, capturing the key findings, assigning corrective actions and monitoring the progress and following up, and an Executive Summary is generated automatically.

Challenges Addressed


Single Audit System

Single system for any required audit: Quality, Safety, Environmental, Health, Suppliers, Customers, Financial, Legal, etc.

Global Audit Dashboard

Central bulletin board to communicate Audit Schedule to the entire organization

Flexible Configuration

Full configurability to set up any type of Audit, Audit Profiles, Standards, Clauses, Checklists, etc. for your specific organization

Automatic Notifications

Proactive notifications triggered on a scheduled basis to inform key individuals of upcoming audits

Future Proofing

Seamless integration of Corrective Action (PRRQuest), Continuous Improvement (CIPQuest) and Lessons Learned (KnowledgeQuest) to manage each type of audit finding

Auto Generated Audit Report

Full Audit Reports with executive summary

Standards & Clauses Checklist Library

Build a checklist library of standards, clauses and requirements for any type of audit

Audit Finding Tracking

Scheduled follow-up activities and workflows optimize post audit improvement activities

Collaboration Portal

Easily manage audits with Suppliers, Customers, Distributors or any external party through Collaboration Portal.

Powerful Search

Powerful search and reporting of all audits

Auditor Profiles

Set up approved Auditors with full profiles and expertise to ensure the right auditor for each audit, internal or external auditors.

Security Setting

Set security levels as needed to make specific audits confidential for restricted readership

History & Traceability

Full traceability of all changes made for full compliance tracking

Powerful Reporting & Data Analytics with Power BI Integration

IntellaQuest Power BI Integration provides any report you want, the way you want it.



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